Makeup by Hiro Yonemoto for Makeup Forever



VOYAGE is a experimental short film. It is different from the usual films I do, but the motto is the same. I was inspired by the children books and the story is about meditation of one's path. The knight/soldier is looking at his journey as in his future or as something that already passed. The rock is the wisdom. He is also fighting his own demons, as the eyes of the dragon becomes the eyes of the knight.
I tried not to over analyze the elements. I rather play with them and let people come up with different levels of interpretation.
A dot on a wall can be an amazing concept or can be just a dot on the wall. And sometimes fashion film is defined by clothes and profiled models, so narrative is complicated yet a challenge. I was honestly just having fun with it.
The process of creating this piece took longer than others. I wanted to have the best suited music and needed ample time to edit the miniature pieces and the footage on the model.
This project was inspired by my dear friend John Tan, who also did the casting and styling for the film. Makeup was created by Hiro Yonemoto, a team that I always enjoyed collaborating with. Model is Duran Bunch from Wilhelmina, who portrays our perfect knight for the film.
John & I have discussed and wanted to do this knight vs. dragon, good vs. evil concept for quite some time now. Instead of going epic, I decided to make it more intimate, almost kitsch at times. We were like kids again. I think it is important to have a good sense of humor while you are working on a creative project such as this. Just let the organic process finds it own path.Bell Soto, director of the film "Voyage"

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